1. Q. What is Service Learning Advantage?
A. Service-Learning is a mutually beneficial relationship built between Truman students and a community partner. Students use their knowledge and skills to identify, assess, and meet the needs of the community. In return, students will learn transferrable skills and develop a sense of civic engagement by actively reflecting on the experience.
2. Q. How much funding can I receive?
A. You can receive up to $750. Be creative and ambitious with your requests. Be prepared to justify your amounts requested and explain the least sum needed from us to have a successful event.
3. Q. How specific should the budget in my application be?
A. Your budget should detail the supplies needed, where you intend to buy them, and an approximate cost. Look at the example application online for help.
4. Q. What is a community partner?
A. The community partner is the group or agency that is directly benefitting from your service learning project.
5. Q. What is a project liaison?
A. The project liaison is a service board member who works with you throughout your funding process to ensure that you complete the application, the service learning paperwork, and your project. They will also supervise your budget.
6. Q. What is a project facilitator?
A. The project facilitator is the student leading, organizing, and directing project participants as well as keeping contact with the community partner.
7. Q. Will you fund my fundraiser?
A. No. We prefer projects that require direct interaction between the community and the project members.
8. Q. Do I need to stick to the budget Service Board gives me?
A. In order to avoid sanction from the Service Board, you must do the following:

  • Spend at least 50% of the funds allotted.
  • Do not spend anymore than the funds allotted.
  • Only use the funds allotted in the way that the Service Board specified.
9. Q. Where can I get help for my application?
A. If you send an email to serviceboard.tsu@gmail.com, one of our project liaisons will be in contact with you soon.
10. Q. When are applications due?
A. Applications will be available starting October 15th and due November 23rd by 5 pm

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